Corporify for investment companies 

The Corporify solution simplifies the legal back office of investment funds, family offices and holdings.

Keep track of all fund commitments, capital calls, payments and investor documents.

Reduce time spent on ‘getting the paperwork done’ and engage with investors via the Corporify investor portal.

Corporify allows you to

Centralize fund & investment data

Keep track of shareholder rights, stock options, investment commitments, capital calls, dividend distributions, etc.

Manage and visualize shareholding structures of investment funds and portfolio companies.

Automate routineous tasks

Generate packages of capital call/distribution notices, proxies, waiver letters and minutes in a few clicks.

Use the Corporify e-signing module for smooth signature collection.

Engage with investors

Use the personalized investor portal for sharing investor documents, past and upcoming board meetings, capital movements and specific equity stakes.

Accessible also on tablet or smartphone.

They trust Corporify

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