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International group attains overview with Corporify

Rebel Group advises and invests in projects related to sustainability, transport, urban development, or healthcare. Since 2022, it has used Corporify to manage its holdings and subsidiaries.

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300 employees
HQ the Netherlands
+100 legal entitites
Advisory & Investment
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Maintain and timely update all company data, STAK structures, share & certificate registers accurately.

Complex STAK structures


Rebel Group is active in multiple countries and also invests in start-ups. The group totals around 130 companies. 'The majority of them are in the Netherlands, but we also have companies in various European countries, Africa, and America', explains partner Barend van Lieshout.


The group consists of about 300 employees. After one year, they can get involved in one or more of the companies. 'From a compliance and legal perspective, this is an interesting challenge. All our holdings don’t just have a lot of ‘small’ owners; they also regularly change hands.'


Rebel Group works with STAK structures and certificate registers, among other things. It became increasingly impractical for the corporate legal counsel to keep all company data correct and up to date. 'We had a couple of separate files and a spreadsheet that we knew was incomplete and not up to date with the latest changes.'

Customer profile
  • Customer since 2022
  • 2.088 stored documents
  • 171 managed entities
  • 130 users
Corporify’s Solution
  • digital share and certificate register
  • clear group structures
  • organising of annual meetings
  • legal database for internal and external stakeholders (e.g. accountants and auditors)

A single source of truth is indispensable


As such, the Rebel Group started searching for a suitable tool. 'We had made a list of functional needs and demands and mapped the market of providers. Corporify is the only one who goes deep enough into complex legal structures.'


Today, 130 people use Corporify. 'Our people find it convenient and use it a lot. Many of them agree that we should have done this years ago.'

'Overview and correctness are crucial advantages. The worth of a single source of truth is invaluable.'


The value for Rebel Group is also in the small and large time gains through useful functionalities, like a handy search engine for all types of data, making clear group structures and organizing and tracking a lot of the general meetings, and a database for the difficult questions from the auditor or consultant. Finding the right deed with the right signature is now easy as pie.


'In the Netherlands, you are still a well-kept secret. There must be many more companies that could profit from your solutions.'

Barend van Lieshout, partner

Personal onboarding


Rebel Group has a complex structure and appealed to Corporify to help get started on the platform. ‘Whenever we had a technical question, Corporify responded very quickly. The closeness to us and the fact you get a real Corporify employee and not the outsourced receptionist at a call centre are real strengths. Your responsiveness is very good!’


'In the Netherlands, you are still a well-kept secret. There have to be a lot more corporate companies that could profit from your solutions', concludes Barend.

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