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why corporify?

How our platform enables fund administrators to outperform their peers.

Corporify simplifies the legal back office of investment funds, family offices and holdings.

Corporify Capital Charts
the core

Centralize fund & investment data

Keep track of shareholder rights, stock options, investment commitments, capital calls, dividend distributions, etc.

Manage and visualize shareholding structures of investment funds and portfolio companies.

boost transparency

Engage with investors

Use the personalized investor portal for sharing investor documents, past and upcoming board meetings, capital movements and specific equity stakes.

Accessible on desktops, smartphones and tablets!

eliminate bottlenecks

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Generate capital call documents, distribution notices, proxies, waiver letters and meeting minutes in a few clicks.

And use our integrated e-signing module for smooth signature collection.

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Main features

Discover the most important building blocks.


Entity Management

Track company information and legal details from a single dashboard.

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Client portal

Invite users to access a read-only portal and manage their permissions.

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Send, sign and save document with compliant e-signatures.

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Securities register

Manage and track equity changes over time, including warrants and capital commitments.

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Document Management

Unlimited document storage in customizable folder structures.

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Reminders and notifications

Track compliance activities with tasks and reminders to get notified.

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Still have questions?

Here are a few frequently asked questions.

Can't find an answer to your question? Feel free to reach out!

Does Corporify provide fund performance and financial insights?

We focus on the legal administration of a fund rather than the financials. However, given the level of detail capital commitments and share registers offer, it's very easy to export your data for further analysis.

Does Corporify assist with importing historic data?

We know first-hand that successful software migrations rely heavily upon the quality of the data you're working with. That's why we have a team of highly educated and experienced legal professionals at your service! Reach out to our team for further details.

Does the digital securities register fully replace a paper register?

Yes. Our digital shareholder register is 100% compliant with the new Belgian Companies Code. To be sure we had it researched and approved by our partners. Get in touch if you're interested in nitty gritty details!

Can Corporify integrate with my financial and accounting software?

We have a documented open API available, which enables our customers to create tailored integrations. We also have out-of-the-box integrations with Connective, DocuSign and Teamleader, with more coming soon (MS Azure,..).

How secure is Corporify?

We're aware of the fact that we're working with your most precious data. That's why we built our platform using a privacy first approach. And we work with ISO certified data centers, offer MFA and set up all our customers with a dedicated cloud environment.

Can I use Corporify in an international setting?

Absolutely! We have preconfigured our platform for the use in 10+ European countries and are gradually adding additional jurisdictions. And we allow users to configure their own jurisdictions. Oh and did you know our Portal is available in 6 languages?

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