We're aware of the fact that we're working with your most precious data.

That's why we built our platform using a privacy first approach.

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Meeting the highest standards 

Encryption Corporify


Your data on Corporify is always encrypted, both during data transfer and at rest. Only authorised users (depending on your policy) will be able to gain access to the data.

Backups Corporify


Our platform is hosted on private cloud servers in the Benelux. We run regular back-ups while using the latest techniques to ensure your data is secure at all times.

2FA Corporify


In order to keep your precious data safe, we enable admins to enforce multiple two-factor authentication policies (authenticator apps, MS Azure AD, Okta,...).

GDPR Corporify2

GDPR compliant

Being based in the heart of Europe, Corporify obviously is fully compliant with GDPR. Our DPO will gladly answer any questions you might have with regards to our data and privacy policies.

Activity log Corporify

Activity logs

We are convinced that transparency is an essential building block of our relation. That's why we provide on-demand activity logs of all performed actions, in addition to indicating recent activity in the platform.

ISO certified Corporify

ISO certified

Our data is stored and hosted at ISO certified data centers in Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition, we are in the process of obtaining our own ISO27k1 certification.

Pen test Corporify

Frequent pen tests

We are regularly tested for any compromises our platform may have. A recent penetration test even showed that Corporify is safer than most online banking apps.

SLA Corporify


Our policies are designed to ensure that, whatever happens, your data is always safe. Feel free to inquire our product experts on the different levels of support we offer.


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Main features

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Stakeholder Portal

Invite users to access a read-only portal and manage their permissions.


Securities register

Manage and track equity changes over time, including subscription rights and commitments.


Document Generation

Automate repetitive document drafting and save up to 80% of time.



Send, sign and save digital documents with compliant e-Signatures.


Multi Jurisdictional

Manage your legal entities across a variety of countries and jurisdictions.