Corporify for legal departments

The Corporify solution offers an answer to the most common challenges faced by corporate counsels overseeing legal entity management, compliance and legal risk.

Corporify allows you to

Centralize legal data

Consult, manage and share trusted company information via an easy to navigate platform. Avoid tedious email chains for gathering, validating and exchanging company information.

  • No more unreliable spreadsheets.
  • Visualizations of group structures and ‘Ultimate Beneficial Owner’ structure.
  • Easily manage and search legal documents.
  • Keep track of mandate/contract expiries, automatic renewals, notice periods, legal risks etc.

Automate legal document drafting

Corporify automates legal document drafting via data-driven legal templates.

Prepare all the paperwork for the next board and shareholders’ meeting, ESOP plans, dividend payments, contracts etc. in just a few clicks.

Simplify signing process

Initiate e-signings and follow up the signing process via a central dashboard.

Possibility to use advanced or qualified e-signatures, in line with the European eIDAS Regulation.

Share & collaborate more easily

Legal teams work together with different teams across the organization, as well as with external service providers.

With Corporify you can easily share and follow-up relevant legal information with different colleagues and third parties.

They trust Corporify

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