Why legal departments choose Corporify

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Do you face following challenges?

Corporify challenges

Legal information is scattered across different departments, persons and countries.

  It's difficult to keep corporate information sheets up to date.

 Data is stored in paper records, shared drives and spreadsheets.

 Reporting and communication to stakeholders is too time consuming.

 Growing complexity of legal processes and structures.

  Difficulties to keep track of reporting obligations across multiple jurisdictions.

 Managing evermore entities with the same resources.

Our solution to your challenges

 Reduced workload and time spent on drafting documents like meeting minutes, appointment letters,..

 A fully digital, cloud based, legal back office..

 Clear insights in the group structures through our dashboard and portal.

 Frictionless and secure sharing of legal information via a branded portal.

  Standardized corporate housekeeping processes across jurisdictions.

Corporify Solutions

Corporify helps legal counsels to deal with the increasing workload surrounding corporate housekeeping and legal entity management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer to your question? Feel free to reach out!

Does Corporify assist with data import and migration?

We know first-hand that successful software migrations rely heavily upon the quality of the data you're working with. That's why we have a team of highly educated and experienced legal professionals at your service! Click here for more information.

Does Corporify provide legal advice/services?

Corporify is not a law firm or alternative legal service provider. We're a legal technology company. However, our team consists of former lawyers and legal counsels, and we've partnered with several top tier business law firms to connect you with relevant subject matter experts.

Can Corporify integrate with other software tools?

We have a documented open REST-API available, which enables our customers to create tailored integrations. We also have out-of-the-box integrations available with Connective, DocuSign, AdobeSign, Sign Here, MS Azure, Okta...

Can I use Corporify in an international setting?

Absolutely! We have preconfigured our platform for the use in 10+ European countries and are gradually adding additional jurisdictions. And we allow users to configure their own jurisdictions.

Which languages does Corporify support?

The Corporify platform is available in English. However, our portal is available in 6 languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Additional portal languages can be easily added on request!

What our clients say

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