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Do you face following challenges?

Corporify challenges

Legal information about client entities is scattered among different databases, systems and lawyers. 

How to improve client retention and increase the value perception of your work?

Clients are increasingly asking for fixed fee or alternative fee arrangements.

Clients increasingly ask for digital solutions.

Sharing documents and signatures must be 100% secure.

Ever increasing legal and regulatory requirements pushing for proper data management.

Our solution to your challenges

Corporify enables you to offer legal entity management as a service.

Introduce a legal client portal for sharing relevant legal data.

We provide an encrypted legal document room for secured document sharing.

Offer the digital experience clients are expecting nowadays.

Boost the profitability of corporate housekeeping work through automation.

A solid solution to centrally manage data from different sources and jurisdictions.

Corporify Solutions

Substantial efficiency gains for lawyers and a leading digital experience for clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I use Corporify to interact with my clients?

Yes, you can use our portal to share data and documents with your clients, e.g. closing binders, transaction documents, share registers,..

What support does Corporify provide to my clients?

You will be the primary point-of-contact for your clients. We provide proper training for you and your team to use Corporify and support your clients where needed. Upon request we can assist with the set-up, configuration and data migrations if needed. Our responsive support team is available to help out in case of emergencies or technical issues.

Can I tailor Corporify with my law firm branding?

Yes, Corporify allows you to add a logo and a banner to the Corporify client portal. In addition your e-mail and document templates can be configured according to your branding.

Where is the clients' data stored?

Our platform was built with a privacy by design approach and hence we're fully GDPR compliant. Our data is stored in ISO-certified data centers in Belgium and the Netherlands.

How secure is Corporify?

Security and data protection are of the utmost importance to us. Click here to learn more about the tools, policies and controls Corporify has implemented.

What our clients say

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