“Thanks to Corporify, our corporate housekeeping became a walk in the park”

Darie Robbrecht      

Group Legal Director

Beaulieu International Group

HQ Waregem, Belgium


The most "heart-warming" quotes from our user interview:

The onboarding went smoothly and we were taken care of by a very friendly and approachable staff. It all went so well that I am now sometimes a bit frustrated when other companies don't offer the same experience.

The specified schedule was always adhered to: we were able to start on very short notice. If you try hard enough to get all the data right from the start, it works great.

It's very easy to create a new administrator account for someone. All of our colleagues were amazed at how easy it is to work with: so user-friendly! I only had to explain it once and they were able to work with it.

I used to get around twenty questions a week regarding our Group legal entities. If you count an hour or two of work a week, it adds up quickly. The software package also saves a significant amount of time (several days) in our information exchanges with our auditor.

Without Corporify, I would definitely need an additional employee. In fact, I could not live without it at all. I never want to go back to Sharepoint or anything else.

For every important to do I automatically receive a reminder. That's what I call peace of mind.

I have seen a lot of systems. Corporify really works the best and the easiest.

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