Keeping your data safe


Cybersecurity has been a hot topic for a few years now.

Nevertheless, data leaks, security breaches and ransomware attacks still make daily headlines.

That's why at Corporify we're committed to keeping your data safe and secure.

Keeping your data safe Corporify


It's 2022.

You're lagging behind if you're still keeping your data stored on local servers as opposed to using cloud based storage and SaaS applications, like Corporify, to run your business.

You wouldn’t want your cap table or spreadsheet with confidential data on your directors and shareholders to end up on the dark web, would you?

In order to keep your data safe, we have a few measures in place. The most important ones being these:

  • Secure log-ins
    We force our users to use 2FA through an Authenticator app (of their choice, although we recommend MS Authenticator), and we plan to launch an Azure SSO-integration in the near future.

  • Individual client silos

    To make sure your data will never be exposed to our other clients, our SaaS solution is built as a single tenant environment.

  • Users rights
    Harsh truth, but you are probably the weakest link. That's why we built an elaborate set of tools to customize access to data and the actions that can be performed by users.

  • ISO-certified datacenters

    Both our Platform and back-ups are hosted on ISO27001 certified datacenters in Belgium and the Netherlands (additional data centers available upon request).

And of course our team has the internal procedures in place to make sure your data is processed in a safe and secure way!



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