Corporify. Lean legal.

Corporify offers a highly secure cloud based platform to simplify the legal management of companies.

Dealing with legal compliance, corporate governance and risk management is a complex, time consuming and expensive matter. Therefore, we offer lean processes and automation in legal asset management to help your business saving time and money.

Digital securities’ registry

A tamper-proof digital securities’ registry to record and perform transactions with shares, warrants, bonds etc.  

All transactions are timestamped (‘who, what, when’) and can be enriched with relevant information and documents, easily searchable afterwards.

No more paper registries or complex spreadsheet cap tables. Oversee the current cap table or easily check past cap tables on any given date.

Mandate management

Manage and oversee management bodies and mandates digitally, again timestamped and enriched with searchable information and documents.

Automated document generation

Generate contracts, meeting minutes, proxies, letters and other corporate docs in a few clicks. Your legal workflow will become less time consuming and more accurate.

Automated reminders & alerts

Never miss an expiring contract, a notice period, a meeting convocation period, an expiring mandate, expiring stock options etc., thanks to automated reminders and alerts.

Your legal compliance will automatically improve, your legal risks will automatically be mitigated.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

State of the art cloud technology allows you to access all your company’s information in a safely manner, anytime, anywhere.

Digital vault

A highly secured permanent data room to manage, store and share all of your company’s legal information and documents.

Highly secure

Data protection and privacy are key.

Two-factor login authentication, separate customer databases with individual data encryption, special attention to GDPR compliance and customizable user rights and authorizations are only just a few security measures which we offer all our customers out of the box.

Our API-centric architecture allows to talk securely to external systems and apps.

Meet the Corporify team

Maarten Poulussen

Founder / Managing Director

Maarten is a corporate lawyer specialized in corporate law, M&A, private equity and venture capital. Before he founded Corporify, he worked in the corporate department of the Brussels based niche law firm Van Olmen & Wynant. Maarten has always been passionate about technology and how it could improve legal practice, which resulted in the founding of an innovative LegalTech company: Corporify.

Maarten holds a Master degree in Law (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) a Master degree in Corporate Law (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven/Brussel) and an Executive MBA degree (Vlerick Business School).

Andy Kellens

Founder / CTO

Andy started his career in academia where he specialised in software engineering and software quality. After almost a decade working as a researcher, he swapped theory for practice and became active as an entrepreneur and software craftsman. In this capacity, he co-founded Yesplan, a scale-up that develops and markets a cloud-based event planning system, and he has been involved in the design and implementation of various other cloud-based solutions.

Andy holds a Master degree and PhD in Computer Science from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

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