Simplify your corporate
& legal compliance.

Corporify. Lean legal.

Corporify offers a highly secured cloud-based platform to simplify the legal management of companies.

Dealing with legal compliance, corporate governance and risk management is a complex, time consuming and expensive matter. Therefore, in order to both support and protect a company's business, a clear focus is needed on lean processes and automation in corporate legal practice.

What's in it for you?

» One secure location for legal data and documents
» Accessible anytime anywhere
» Time-saving and accuracy in legal workflow and transactions
» Customizable user rights and authorizations
» Easy monitoring and follow-up of compliance issues
» Enhancing investor and other stakeholder relations

Feature Overview

  • One-stop-shop for centralizing and sharing all relevant legal data & documents
  • Easy-to-use dashboard with integration of Belgian Crossroads Bank for Enterprises
  • Overall integrated search
  • One convenient digital securities' register, instead of paper or spreadsheet cap tables
  • Digitally register and process transactions
  • One-click legal document automation: create, process and e-sign meeting minutes, contracts, letters, reports and more
  • Automated reminders and alerts for compliance issues, risks, deadlines, follow-ups and more
  • Increased transparency on compliance, claims and other legal risks
  • Legal project management: visualisation of workflow and follow-ups
  • 24/7 availability and backup of all legal documents in customised data rooms
  • Flexible user right management with different access levels

Technical Specs

Cloud-based, certified,
secured and encrypted

API-centric, talks securely
to external systems and apps

Platform or device

Use anywhere,

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