Corporify for law firms

Drive internal efficiencies and transform the way you deliver services to clients.

Achieve valuable insights and proactively advice your clients through a personalized client portal.

Corporify allows you to

Centralize legal data

Do not bother your clients with tedious email chains for gathering, validating and exchanging company information.

Consult, manage and share centralized company information via an easy to navigate platform.

Proactive advice

Clients appreciate lawyers that act as true business partners.

Via an intelligent reminder and alert system, you can timely inform when legal issues need to be addressed: expiration of board mandates, automatic contract renewals, R&W terms, covenants, etc.

Automate routineous tasks

Generate corporate docs (such as meeting minutes,  proxies, ESOP allocation letters etc.) and contracts with a few clicks.

Use the Corporify e-signing module for smooth signature collection and follow up the signing process via a central dashboard.

Possibility to use advanced or qualified e-signatures, in line with the European eIDAS Regulation.

Engage with clients

As trusted advisor, you often have the best and most accurate view on company structures and ongoing liabilities.

Through a personalized client portal, you can share the information that matters most to your clients.

Do not miss out on important RfPs where the use of a dedicated tool for legal service delivery is an important selection criterion.

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They trust Corporify

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