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Simplify corporate housekeeping & legal compliance!

Administrative and clerical tasks should not get in the way of your most valuable work.

Start innovating your legal workflow. Transform expensive, paper driven, tedious manual processes with low business value into practical, data driven counsel with high business value.

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Legal Entity Management easy and secure!

Centralize legal entities via dashboard

Consult, manage and share centralized company information easier and more secure.

No more tedious email chains for gathering, validating and exchanging company information.

Trace and visualize all share transactions

Prepare, execute and log all share transactions, time stamped and tamper-proof.

Easily oversee current or past shareholder structures, rights attached to (classes of) shares and shareholder information.

No more paper registries or unreliable spread sheets.

Trace all actions on mandates

Prepare, execute and log all actions on mandates and management bodies, time stamped and tamper-proof.

Never miss a mandate expiry and keep an overview of your company’s decision structures.

Visualize group and ‘UBO’ structure

Visualizations of group structures, portfolio companies and ‘Ultimate Beneficial Owner’ structure.

Keep an holistic overview of your group or company’s shareholding structure.

Store and manage legal documents

Easily manage and search legal documents. Activate legal content and centralize risk management.

Keep track of contract expiries, automatic renewals, notice periods, GDPR responsibilities, etc.

Automate legal workflow and reduce administrative burden!

Automatically generate documents

Generate corporate docs (meeting minutes, proxies, letters etc.) and contracts with a few clicks.

Save time when drafting legal docs or when preparing for corporate meetings.

Smart reminders & alerts

Improve legal compliance, visualize and reduce legal risks.

Never miss expiring contracts, notice periods, meeting convocation dates, expiring mandates, etc.


Validly sign corporate docs and contracts digitally. Easily follow-up of signing process.

No more tedious document signing administration.


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