ESOP warrant plans bring along lots of administrative burdens

The set-up and maintenance of warrant plans as equity incentive for key personnel requires a tonload of legal documents, the involvement of different stakeholders and a permanent administrative burden.

ESOP warrant plans often include vesting schemes. Such vesting schemes provide that an employee can only exercise allotted warrants that are fully vested. The number of fully vested warrants accrues over a determined period of time in which the employee continues to be employed. The terms of these vesting schemes and the exercise conditions of warrants can differ over different warrant plans, over different allotment rounds and even over different individual warrant holders.

It is no surprise that managing ESOP warrant plans in an adequate manner is a complex and time consuming matter prone to human mistakes.

Corporify launches module to simplify ESOP warrant incentive plans

Corporify has extended its solution of digital shareholders’ register with a digital warrant register module to simplify the set-up and management of warrants and warrant plans.

This digital warrant register module allows

  • to automatically generate legal documentation for the issuance, allotment, vesting and exercise of warrants
  • to digitally sign legal documents and to easily follow-up signing statuses
  • to easily modulate and manage exercise conditions and vesting schemes, with automated vesting
  • to oversee warrant plans and vesting schemes per warrant holder at all times in real-time
  • to automatically use warrant holders’ data for other document generation purposes, e.g. convocations of general shareholders’ meeting etc.

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